Sunday, November 05, 2006

Religion and Philosophy Book Month

If you have been following my bi-weekly e-newsletter for the past two years, you have come to know that in previous issues, I have frequently shared with you why I write. To me, writing is therapeutic, relaxing, thought-provoking, challenging, causes me to think, forces me to do my homework (that is, to know my subject), and makes me a better teacher and speaker. Well, this month is Religion & Philosophy Books Month, so allow me share the vision of the Give God the Glory! book series for the benefit of our new readers.
November is the month that we collectively transition into the fall and winter seasons. The cold air moves in, the days are shorter, daylight savings time becomes a reality, frost coats the ground in the morning, winter clothing dominates our closets at home and Christmas gifts/ornaments are on display throughout the stores and shopping malls. It is a time to focus on Christian literature as the world prepares to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, a personal Lord and Savior to many of us, yet just a figure, amongst the other gods, to some.
That said, the Give God the Glory! book series is an extension of my personal ministry. The evangelistical outreach and focus is six-fold: (1) To strengthen the resolve for those of us who have an established relationship with our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ. Our growth and development is key to living the abundant life and to have knowledge of God’s Word, and His will for our lives, should be first and foremost, (2) To inspire and encourage the unbeliever to desire a relationship with Jesus. He is the way, the truth and the life, (3) To clearly explain how to Give God the Glory! through our personal relationships with Jesus (book 1 released in 2001), on our jobs (books 2 & 3 released in 2003 and 2004), in our families (books 4, released on Father’s Day 2005, & 5 coming in the spring 2006), in our churches (books 6 & 7 coming in 2007), and during our recreation and/or relaxation time (books 8 & 9 coming in 2009), (4) Outreach to our Spanish/Latino brothers and sisters through the translated book series into Spanish, (5) Outreach to children, youth, and teens through the Give God the Glory! book series specific to those markets (2007 and beyond), and (6) Through the media as radio and television host of the Give God the Glory! talk show, featuring guests that openly acknowledge that their success in life is directly tied to their personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ (since 2004).
As Pastor Frederick K.C. Price always concludes his weekly Ever Increasing Faith Ministries television broadcast, I thank you all for your past, present, and future support of the Give God the Glory! book series. You are helping to make it happen!!


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